Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Two little boys...

Another week, another Gallery! This week the theme is friendship. I'd mentioned my friendships a few posts back, so thought I'd take a different tack with this one. O has a friend, a best friend whom he's known since he was weeks old. They met, along with their mums at post-natal group and have grown to the ripe old age of nearly six together. Although they are chalk and cheese, they are close as close can be and W is a special person in O's life. Here are some pictures of this fabulous twosome...

These boys are so small they can't even sit up! O is the chubby cheeked one on the left.

I would love to know what W is saying to O here.

A happy day in the sandpit for the boys

Down at St Ives, swinging and laughing and kicking their wellies high into the air...

Climbing and posing for the camera.

I remember the piercing shrieks emitted from the musical instruments were tormenting the mummies, but the boys loved it...

Two worn out little men in the back of my car...

At a friend's 4th birthday party, being encouraged by M to pull horrid faces at the camera.

Two slightly less giddy kippers on their first day at Reception. They were both so brave. I was less composed once the door had closed upon them.

This was a joint effort between W, O and me. Our biggest challenge was keeping W's little brother, my godchild, away from the work of sand art.

The best of friends...

O loves W to bits and I know the feeling is mutual. On Monday, O and I were sat reading his bedtime story with his toy, Puppy, who is also very special and goes everywhere with him. It really said it all when he turned to Puppy and accidentally called him by the name of his very bestest friend.


  1. Gorgeousness! I love that they've started out on life's journey with a buddy to share life's ups and downs - O's little face in that reception one!! Fab pictures xx

  2. Awwww, love that he called Pupply his best friends name. Hope they have many many years of great friendship:) Jen.

  3. Gorgeous, what a lucky pair! They look like they have tremendous fun together. I love the face pulling one!

  4. What a beautiful timeline of photos! It made me smile a lot :-) x

  5. What lovely pictures - a really happy friendship :)

  6. It is really lovely to look back and see how they've changed - I was quite amazed going through the pics. You're right about O in the Reception pic - he looks so scared!

  7. I hope so too - O has two VERY big brothers but no siblings his own age, so his friends are going to be very important to him. Thanks for coming by.

  8. They are both masters of the funny face-pulling! And yes, they have a ball when they are together...

  9. Am so glad it made you smile - they are a happy pair and they make me giggle too... x

  10. Thank you for coming by. Their friendship is amazing and like I said, they are so different but it seems to work.

  11. Just gorgeous. you must keep recording this. i can just imagine pictures of them with their first girlfriends. best men. etc