Sunday, 16 January 2011

The history of time according to O, aged 6

O, sat at the table eating his tea:

"So, first of all there was God *waves arms all around* and he created the universe and alternative universes with stars and dead stars. Then there were dinosaurs and then the meteor killed them all. Well, apart from the mammals. Then the Ice Age came and it was really cold and then people came. Then it was 1000 years later and baby Jesus was born and then people did all sorts of stuff and then 2000 years later we are here now. And that's it."

(Hard at work, playing Club Penguin)


  1. Yup, that just about covers it... xxx

  2. Think that deserves to be published!

  3. Sounds about right to me :)
    Hope you are good, you made my day at Christmas x

  4. MuddynoSugar - it's short and to the point!

    BabyGenie - maybe a publishing deal is round the corner? I shall start touting!

    Suzanne - it was such a lovely gift. I had to let you know! Times are a bit tough here at mo. Might post about it all later in week. I shall be in touch. Hope all well with you. x

  5. Well I see a great future for him, he has it pretty much all right and so short and consise too!

  6. I love this. Please will you ask him the way to China ... just for me. I will never forget when he told me, in-depth, aged 3.