Sunday, 23 May 2010

A sea of bluebells, a dwarf's arse and a dandelion clock...

We had the best day yesterday, just me, O and M. An impromptu picnic in the woods just up the road from us, complete with blue skies, a carpet of bluebells and shortbread biscuits. Sheer heaven.

The bluebells were wonderful - I needed to take pictures and made O stand in a patch of them, much to his chagrin. I can see he is slowly but surely changing into a BIG BOY and standing in flowers looking cute is not something that BIG BOYS do. However, the finished results did show that he is still willing to indulge his mummy, as long as there are no observers to witness his shame.

We wandered through the woods, O and M running about like loons and me sauntering along behind. The woods are the most magical place, and perfect for those long, hot days, where you need to be out, but not baking in the heat. Dotted here and there are wooden sculptures, which make for great entertainment, especially if you are five. They include a cobra, a wizard, a spooky little fairy and O's absolute favourite, the dwarf and his bare arse. I was forced to stand under the dwarf and photograph his insolent cheeks by the boy. Of course, as I stood there with my camera pointing upwards, an old couple walked past, fully appreciating O's delight at the carved buttocks and my blushing embarrassment...

Some of the other sculptures are a little bit unnerving. I've been fiddling with the Hipstamatic app on my iPhone lately and the groovy filters made some of the photos look quite atmospheric.

O doesn't even like to look at this one in daytime...

And this one freaks me out a wee bit. Imagine if you were a local teen, high on life and Strongbow and came across this creature in the deep, dark woods...

However, it wasn't all spooky sculptures and dwarf arses. Oh no. We did sit down to our picnic in a dappled glade in the midst of the bluebells once more and all was peaceful and full of good vibes.

The picnic disappeared in record time and we settled back to enjoy the surroundings. Then O decided he was going to blow a dandelion clock and I thought I'd capture the moment as a touching scene of innocent childhood, reminiscent of days gone by. It did not go according to plan...

Ah, that's one for the archives...


  1. Came over on Potty Mummy's recommendation, and have been enjoying browsing back through the past few weeks of your blog.

    Your boy does have some amazing facial expressions!

  2. GROSS! I remember being at the local cricket club when I was little and getting ready to blow my dandelion clock. As I took a big breath in, I inhaled the whole lot. Revolting! Poor O.

    What beautiful woods, you live in such a gorgeous place xx

  3. Wife, your photos are lovely ... especially the one of Marty McFly and O.

    ... and the dandelion clock ... classic mistake. Blow don't suck!

  4. Ha! The bits are probably embedded in his throat for some time. Poor O!

    The sculptures have been there a while and I'm not sure who did them, but they are fab. One sad thing is that someone has taken an axe to some of them. I don't understand why some people find it in themselves to be so destructive. O was really upset when he saw the axe marks in the cobra sculpture...

  5. The woods look beautiful. What a great place for a picnic. Amy would love it if we had woods like that near us, she likes going on bear hunts (it's one of her favourite bedtime stories), thankfully we've never found any bears yet!!

    Brilliant pictures and a great video.