Thursday, 1 July 2010

Another six months...

So there it is. Another six months under my belt. Another milestone in the difficult journey away from breast cancer. I had my six month check up today with my smiley consultant, the one who took away the cancer that could have killed me, reshaped my breast and saved my life. He's lovely, human, smiling and has Motorhead's Ace of Spades as his mobile ringtone. An all round good sort and a rock-lovin' man to boot.

A five minute appointment. Is everything alright? You look great. Your hair's come back so quickly. How's the fatigue? Can I just have a look? And then it's over. Barely five minutes and I'm smiling and getting dressed and going back into the waiting room to Massage Angel Friend who's come along for moral support. That takes me two years and eight months further away from the truly horrible day when Rock-Lovin' Consultant held my hand as I sat in my gown, big black marker pen arrow pointing to my tumour and crying with fear before I went down to the operating theatre.

It sometimes feels like it never happened, it's all so dramatic and unreal, but I know it did and slowly, slowly, slowly, I'm moving away. I went for hot chocolate with marshmallows on top after today's appointment with Massage Angel Friend and we laughed and giggled and trolled around the fancy goods section of the garden centre. I felt happy and I wasn't pretending - it was really me.

I bought a heart for my newly painted shed. I was going for shabby chic - inspired by the lovely creations at Skybluesea.

I'm usually really good at shabby, but not so good at chic. However, I think I'm getting there with my shed! The heart is a symbol of a good day. I cried my tears last night - check up appointments bring it all back in a flood, but today I'm smiling and  honestly, I'm amazed at myself. I'm not saying I'm through it - I'm not that daft. But smiling for real on today of all days is something I did not expect.

*First post written on laptop loaned by Friend from Wayback - ta lovely girl. xx


  1. Congratulations!! That's a fantastic milestone :)

  2. Happy, happy day! I actually let out a little involunatary 'yay!', sat here alone in the ovenconservatory. Delighted. Love your heart (both of them) xx

  3. Well done you. Every milestone takes you further away. I do know what you mean, it all seems like a dream, my oper, my dramtic recovery et all

  4. Yay! Such good news!



  5. Nice shed wife.

    Fab news re appointment today too!!


  6. So lovely to hear that you came away feeling so much better. I cannot begin to imagine what you must have been through, but you sound like you are certainly in the right place to move forwards. Lots of love to you, and fab shed - who were you inspired by again? ;) x

  7. So glad to hear. Very inspiring.

    And you should print this out and send to your doctor. He deserves to read this. You lucked out with a human being not just a doctor.

  8. Am so pleased to hear your good news. Celebrate each moment, shedding a tear ( any excuse for a pun ) is good for you. You have come so far!
    Nice shed. Have a similar heart in my kitchen.X

  9. Fabulous news. I'm blubbing just reading your post so i'm not surprised you had a few tears after your appointment.
    The shed is lovely, i could use one like that for my garden, you've definately managed the "chic" bit too x

  10. Thanks so much for the lovely messages everyone - you are all great. And the shed love coming my way is fab too. I am a bit in love with my shed and keep popping out into the garden to look at it.