Monday, 10 May 2010

Friends, phallic objects, skinny dipping and a cheeky child...

Good old Laura from AWNTYM tagged me in this award, which I'd had a go at previously. However, this one said I had to pick seven interesting things using only the medium of photos. I felt I had to accept the challenge.

One of the rules is that I have to thank my nominator. Many thanks, Laura, esteemed Facebook Wife. I have enjoyed the challenge and will need a full body massage to recover from the epic photo trawl I have just completed. It's hard going this blogging malarkey...

I'm not sure if the thing are interesting, but as I picked my pics, the people in them seemed to be the ones that sent out a siren call to me...

So, without further wittering, here are my seven photos...

Number One - My uni mates

Just three of us here, me, Lisa and Tam. This is after university and we're all dolled up, ready to go to Suzy's wedding. I lived with these girls (and Suzy and Emma) for three years down in Brum. I did struggle with homesickness and light misery for quite a lot of that time, but I also had some glorious fun with my Brum chums and I am so glad we're all still in touch. I am happy to say that when we get together once in a blue moon, it is like we have only just shut the door on one of our mouse-infested student hovels and the banter and love flies round the room just like it did when we were young and daft.

Number Two - My NCT mates

See them!  Happy mothers out on the lash - although thinking about it, one of them is bound to be pregnant in this pic. Again, one missing (the lovely and glamorous Alison), but four of the NCT gang are pictured - Laura, Mel G, Nem and Rachel. I tapdance when I think of how glad I am to have met these women. Early motherhood is a joyful, scary and exhausting time. It seems to me that every woman needs a girl gang of mothers in the same boat to ponder the mysteries of babies and their strange and special behaviour. Over the past six years (cannot believe it is that long), we have seen each other through the best of times and the worst of times and our friendship seems to be cast in iron. I am a lucky lucky woman...

Number Three - My 'old' mates

Once more, not all pictured, but this really did sum it all up for me. Girls I have known since the first year of senior school (excluding Sarah, the little one in the middle). This photo was taken in 2007 - we were at the darts. I have never attended the darts before and never since, but it was a night to remember. Sadly, there is much of the night that is forever shrouded in mystery, as I think may be clear from the photo.

My 'old' school friends, Helen, Penny, Track, Janet, Becky, Liz and Rachael (Helen and Track pictured here) are friends I've known for 25 years. We went through the whole teenage torment of falling out, bitching and being generally very teenage-girlish, but also formed strong bonds that set our friendship up for life. Off we all went to university and new lives and back we all trogged and came together once more. I think sometimes we know too much about each other - there's loads of history, some difficult, but mostly comical to do with jam sandwiches and drunken antics. They are like my family and I'd be lost without them.

Number Four - Wainhouse Tower

I grew up under the shadow of an impressive ornate chimney, a mighty brick phallic symbol. This picture is the view from my childhood home. Rising up proudly from the centre of the picture is Wainhouse Tower, a chimney folly built by John Wainhouse in 1875. The Tower has 403 spiral steps leading up to the viewing gallery. You can see for miles up there, if you can stomach the climb and the unfortunate need to brush up against your fellow Halifaxians as you pass each other on the tight stone staircase.

When I was a little girl, my dad used to 'do' the voice of the Tower and we played a game whilst in the car where we would try and hide from the Tower, which was pretty difficult as the Tower is 275ft or thereabouts. How I loved that game. And how I loved waving at the people who went up the Tower from my bedroom window on Bank Holidays. 

Tower - I love you!

Number Five - Skinny dipping in Edale

Taken on a camping weekend in Edale, where the sun baked us and the only way to cool off was to jump in this gorgeous pool, complete with built-in waterfall. I don't know whose idea it was to strip off, but I rose to the challenge and hurled my clothes onto the bank and entered the water. I love this picture as I am normally a very self-conscious person, so to see me laughing like a witch whilst stark naked in a pool surrounded by other people, is a really happy and uplifting memory for me.

Since being ill, I have become even more self-conscious about my appearance. This photo reminds me that nobody gives a stuff and life is for living and throwing caution and garments to the wind...

Number Six - What's that coming over the hill?

This photo was taken in September 2006, so my litle O would have been 26 months. I know he looks like a very sinister child here. I can explain.

O had a love of the Automatic song 'Monster' and would sing the refrain, 'What's that coming over the hill, is it a monster, is it a monster?' accompanied by this quite horrific face. I have so many pictures from this time with this face in many of them, but this is the winner. He looks truly Omen-like. Gawd bless my strange and comical child. He makes me laugh every single day.

(I am having a little mourn about the fact he will never again wear a pair of dungarees - how I loved his dungas).

Number Seven - His father's son

This photo was taken the same month. I think there is very little I need to say here. 

So, passing it one. The rules are these...

1. You must thank the person who has given you the award 
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Right here goes. I don't think I'll manage seven - I have been out of blogging and broadband action for the best part of the month, so I bet most have already done this one...

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  1. Snap with the Automatic Montster song Maxi loved that song and used to pull faces, thank you that really brough back a lovely memory for me

  2. I love the last one, and the one of my naked Facebook Wife ... Hell, I love them all!

  3. Thast last photo of your little one is fantastic - so gorgeous and such a brilliant moment captured.Ooh er missus! I also love the one of you skinny dipping - you look so happy and care free x

  4. oh how I love your photos. I will have a go at the challenge as I can proudly say I now know where all my photos are post move