Wednesday, 19 May 2010

A thank you from one dazed and slightly overwhelmed blogger...

I wrote the most personal blog post yesterday and posted it to Tara's Gallery over at Sticky Fingers. I received some wonderful comments, both here on my blog and on Twitter and Facebook. I was going to reply to all the comments one by one, but I am just overwhelmed by the kind and frankly tear-inducing things that have been said and thought I should respond more fully.

I am stunned by the response I have had to my post. I knew that putting up my baldy pics would probably stir feelings and strong emotions, especially as most of you will have friends or family, (or even yourselves) who have been or still are in the same position, but I never expected such an outpouring of support and well-wishing.

I have to say I am really pleased that you think I look good regardless of hair or lack of it. Obviously I took my glasses off for all these pics (so vain) and missed out the hilarious mini-Afro pics that came in between the last two photos. I do have some things I'm not willing for the world to see. I also had one photo where I look like a bald David Baddiel. That did not make the final cut!

I suppose that my post is very personal, but also shows that anyone can face cancer and get through. I am not brave, although as a lifelong sap, it is nice to be told that I am, so please don't stop. With such a diagnosis, I think your choices are to give up or grit your teeth, cry a bit (a lot) and then just put up with the crap as best you can until it stops. I was bloody unlucky to get cancer at 33 and I just got through the best I could. Friends and family helped me get to where I am today and I admit, I have got a long way to go. The physical aspects are a memory for the most part, but the emotional scars and changes wrought by my experiences are harder to erase. Cancer is more than what it does to your body (and your hair!).

But - I'm getting on with it. For every bad thought or bad day or setback I face, I try a little harder to face it all down. The responses I have had to my post, from people I know and people I don't, have lifted me up once more. So thanks once again - I really am touched beyond measure.

Mel x


  1. No thank you, I for one am plesed to be getting to know you

  2. I'm with Mrs Mad. The world's a sunnier place now you're in my reader. Mwah xxx

  3. You deserve it - I think it touched a lot of people.

  4. It was a great post. Have put you up as BMB blogger of the week. Best, PM.

  5. I don't think you are brave - I think you are amazing. Amazing for sharing that very personal story and reaching out to people when it would be much easier to hide. You are right, this community is fabulous and you've deserved each and every one of those comments.
    And you richly deserve to be BMB blogger of the week. Very very pleased for you x

  6. Mrs Mad - and me you. Your blog is honest and moving and I love popping round your way! xx

    English Mum - you're a love. Whenever I see your pink cakes I know I'm going to laugh/cry/read something good. And get a good Mwah too. xx

    Potty Mummy - I don't know what to say. I am delighted and touched and all giggly. There may have been a bit of strutting around the house as well. Thank you! xx

    Tara - the community is wonderful. I feel really welcomed and part of something special. There are some lovely folk out there in the blogworld and you are definitely one of them. xx