Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Sex, violence, bad language and Curious George

O's off school today with a sickness bug. It started yesterday when we were at the dentist and he nearly chucked up on the poor dentist. I endured my scale and polish in an agony of dread, thinking that hurling was imminent - luckily he managed to keep it down. I think they might have taken away his Batman 'no cavities' sticker if he had chundered.

He had a bad night with vomiting and strange rambling due to his high temperature. M slept in O's room and me and O sweltered together under our duvet in our bed. The sensation of hot little feet poking into my legs throughout the night was not a happy one. The good news is, he was a bit better this morning and curled up on the sofa watching his favourite channel, the hideous POP!. After I'd endured Winx Club, NanoBoy and the rest, I suggested watching one of his favourite DVDs, Curious George, which follows the adventures of a particularly endearing little cartoon monkey.

We spent a good hour or so watching George and it was nice to see O smiling, in between trying to persuade me to give him more Lucozade:

"It's the medicine that's making my tummy hurt, Mummy, not the Lucozade - Granny says that Lucozade makes you better"

Resisting the urge to make the 'whatever' sign at my poorly child, I finally gave in and administered the flat Lucozade. Who am I to argue with the wisdom of Granny? Curious George came to an end and I went over to the DVD player to pop the DVD back in its box.

O: Mummy, can I have a look at the box, please?
Me: Of course you can. [passes box]
O: Aw, look at George. [turns box over and reads] "No sex, violence or bad language"

Well, that's alright then...


  1. Oh no mini was sick yesterday too, 3 times in the car, covering everything. My boys dont like George at all. But I am also a bad mother for I have not introduced them to Pop yet, only Playhouse Disney, CBeebies, Nick Junr and Cartoonio for Starwars and Ben 10 only!!

  2. ha ha ha, and the point of putting that on the DVD was? what a strange world we live in.

    sorry to hear he's been poorly hope it clears up soon.