Wednesday, 10 March 2010

85, 35, 5....

This week the theme for Tara's Gallery over at Sticky Fingers is Numbers. I thought long and hard about this one - so many options and photos to choose. There are some fantastic posts up already - it is such a treat wandering through them.

I've picked a photo of O, me and my granny, his great-granny. I mentioned the relationship between them in this post and the fact that there's 80 years that separate them. There's 50 between me and Gran and 30 between me and O. I'm thinking that if Gran makes 90 and I make 40 then O will be ten and we can have a right old shindig. It would be a party to remember...

 This photo is from this Christmas at my mum and dad's house. We had a rollicking good time playing Whot cards, Operation and on the Wii. Gran surprised us all with her skill at Mario Kart - she did much better than me and my mum, although she had a tendency to go backwards which was driving O mad.

There's another photo of Gran which I love and it's this one. She must be about four years old and just adorable with her shiny patent shoes and little knee socks. I can see a little bit of O there as well.

I seem to be reminiscing a lot lately. I think I always have had a tendency to look backwards, but hopefully in a fond and happy way. I always have one eye on posterity. Maybe that's what my blogging is all about...

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  1. How utterly adorable. I love love love photos showing the generations - and that one of your gran is just wonderful. why did they always pose next to chairs in those days!