Monday, 15 March 2010

Five things that O said this week...

1. Driving to swimming lesson. Five year old O, in indignant tones: Mummy, do you know that you're polluting the planet right now?

2.  On Mother's Day: I think it should be Children's Day now, cos it's after six o'clock.

3.  Trying to convince me to let him stay up longer: There's no point in me going to bed. I never go to sleep anyway. I just lie in bed with my eyes open all night.

4.  On the return to school of a home-schooled classmate: Parents don't know as much as teachers so he's had to come back.

5.  On plans for the future: I'm not going to university when I leave school. I'm going to have a rest and then I'll buy a job later on.


  1. Number 3 sounds like the 5 year old tonight.

    When she told me she couldn't sleep I told her to count sheep. She came back 30 seconds later and said "I'm not creative enough to think about sheep"

  2. I'm liking number 5! ha ha ha great list!

  3. Laura - they are two of a kind. We must never let them plot together...

    Heather - me too! I wish I could just go out and buy a job. After the appropriate rest period of course...