Thursday, 25 March 2010

Blog hiatus due to rollerbooting horror - warning does mention skull fracture...

Out of necessity this is a short post. I apologise if some of it makes little sense and the grammar/spelling is poor. I am injured, damaged, not quite myself...

My dear sister has bought us both a pair of roller boots in a vain attempt to make up for virtually stealing my old pair off me when we were just young lasses. She promised to come roller-booting with me and O on the local viaduct, where people bike, walk, ride horses and roller-boot like crazy motherfuckers so that I would not look like a fool on my own. On Sunday it was a lovely sunny day - the kind of day where you think, "Let's get the roller boots on and watch the years roll back!". Sadly my beloved sister backed out, leaving me, O and my other half, M, to go it alone.

As you can see from the picture on the right, I did love the rollerbooting. M declared that he had not seen me smile so much in ages and he was right. I felt free as a bird, swift of foot and full of roller-booting fervour. I twirled and skated and practised new ways of turning for a whole 45 minutes until it was time to go. I pulled up near the end of the viaduct, waiting for O and M to catch me up (so goddamn fast, you see). This was my fatal mistake - stopping. As the wheels spun to a halt, I suddenly felt my foot skid backwards. The rest I cannot remember.

To cut a long story short, I fell backwards onto my poor head and knocked myself unconscious and made my nose bleed copiously. The kind folk on the viaduct stepped in and called 999, covered me in coats, held my hand and soothed my scared boy. The ambulance was called, I was whizzed to A&E for a CT scan and it was all quite hideous, especially the vile and unstoppable puking and the hideous head pain.

The verdict - concussion, air pocket in brain and a basal skull fracture. Two nights in hospital before they would entertain letting me home. It hurts, I am constantly dizzy and feeling sick and my mum has had to come over to look after me in case I fall over again.

I will be getting the roller-boots out again - the 45 minutes before the impact were glorious minutes and I want to do it again. But next time, I'll definitely be wearing a safety helmet...


  1. eek. Wishing you a speedy recovery, and it sounds like a safety helmet is a wise idea

  2. Well if thats not a tale to tell your lovely son about wearing a helmet in future then nothing is :D

    Hope you feel better soon hun!!!

  3. Crikey - hope you are feeling better soon, that sounds awful.
    Your post did make me smile as well though, I love the fact that you were rollerbooting, it shows a certain zest for living, and I'm glad you will do it again, but yes definitely wear the helmet next time.

  4. Wife - The email I got from my Husband after he spoke to M said 'Don't panic' so I did.

    Glad you're OK - You know what they say about getting back on again. Just wear a helmet and some sort of turban atop that for ectra measure.

    Bugger that wear a full sumo suit please.

  5. Oh my and I was just off to look for some on e-bay, I may be rethinking my idea.

    get well soon

  6. Livi & Hayley - I will definitely be wearing the helmet. And the knee and elbow pads. And perhaps the sumo suit that Laura has suggested. Basically I will be padded to an enormous degree! Please feel free to use my foolishness as a warning to any reluctant helmet-wearers.

    Suzanne - I'm glad you picked up the zest! It was really beautiful zipping along the viaduct. Once I am healed, I shall ride again...

    Laura - sorry to freak you, Wife. Perhaps we can ask TFMo3 to fashion the sumo suit to protect my delicate bones?

    Mad - Please don't be put off buying the roller boots. As long as you protect your bonce, you will be fine. I am happy to be used as a cautionary tale, but don't want to put you off the joy of skating!

  7. Bloody hell! glad to see you are now back up and around - you poor thing, it must have been terrifying!

  8. Sounds even worse than your text suggested. Hope the sickness and dizzyness has subsided. A bit late but let us know if we can help out in anyway x Becky

  9. Ooooweeee....head injuries are nothing to be sneezed (or puked) at. Thank the Great Green Arkleseizure that nothing more serious happened - this sounds quite nasty enough. Sorry to hear of your distress, madam. Hope it passes speedily. I hope you're lying down a lot.

    On the flip side, if you ever go to the bad part of town, you'll be that much harder to sandbag...