Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Introducing Sno Hey Noods Fansant Hey... The Gallery

Or to give her full title, Sno Hey Noods Fansant Hey Meanchod Sackad Hey. She is a cuddly polar bear and was once called Snowy and once had pure white fluffy fur. Now she is grey and ruffled and has the most bizarre name ever given to a bear...

I've picked her  for Tara's Gallery prompt which this week is Creatures. I had a really fab pic of a snake sticking its forked tongue out and one of some cute baby meerkats from our recent trip to Tropical World in Leeds. I pondered posting them and then thought of a creature closer to home - not quite as exotic, but very well loved.

Sno is not O's toy - she's mine. She was given to me by Glamorous Friend when I was poorly and is one of those toys that is supposed to go in the microwave and heat up and soothe all aches and pains. Sno once smelt sweetly of lavender - I fear she does not smell as sweetly now.

I am not ashamed to say that Sno sleeps in my bed - she is very comforting and I often wake up with my head on top of her squishy tummy. O adores Sno, but is constantly mean to her and over the two years we've had her, he has created some cruel and unusual punishments for this long-suffering bear. She has:

  • been thrown into red-hot lava (the bedroom floor)
  • mashed in the Special Machine (a cardboard box with a poster tube acting as the masher)
  • endured a particular torture known as 'World Squeeze-Nose' which kind of explains itself
  • been trapped in an underground pit in a cage (under O's bed in a shoebox)
  • denied food and water and been put in an aeroplane to Australia where it is 'far too hot for polar bears'
The list goes on and on and Sno endures these torments with the cry of "do you like it, Sno?" ringing in her ears. Sno's best friend (and often arch-enemy) is O's bestest toy friend, Pups, who wrestles and karate chops and scratch-bites her until she squeals for mercy. Every morning, O pounces into bed with me, clutching Pups and before I've even got my eyes open, I am instructed to 'do Sno' and the games begin.

He can be tender with Sno too, feeding her imaginary fish and wrapping her up in a muslin so she can be a baby. However, these softer moments are few and far between and Sno is usually hurled around in the air and sat on and forced by O to "smell my bottom, Sno!"

This morning ritual of Sno abuse has become a favourite game of O's, something to start the day off properly. If it is a work day or he's slept in and I'm up before him, we can have hot tears and wailing at the prospect of no 'Pups and Sno' show. It really is part of our day - even though my eyes are still closed when I have to 'do Sno' and I long for peace and quiet, I think I'll miss it too when O decides he's too big to play. One day it'll be just me and Sno and no World Squeeze-Nose in sight...


  1. Gorgeous - Hello Sno! Love your writing, it's so evocative, and I love the fact she's yours, and her relationship with your son.

  2. Lol at the type of abuse poor Sno has to put up with. A very patient polar bear :D Jen.

  3. Oh, I Love the Story of Sno! And you ended up making me feel sad for you and Sno, sitting alone in your bed and waiting for World Squeeze-Nose!

  4. Ok, i'm here speaking for Meuh, a nice cow (in fact a girafe, but we discovered it late after, so a cow. She's very sad for Sno, and want's to tell her that if she needs her to fight she wil be there
    But, if Sno appreciate the fights, she will stay home, because after all she's a cow !!!!!

  5. Oh! I love her! What a sweetie! And so nice that you still have her and are able to "honour" her in today's post!!

    Maggy x

  6. But I still don't get the naaaaame *whines*