Sunday, 16 January 2011

Silent Sunday - Nostalgia

Silent Sunday

This is my entry for Jay @ Mocha Beanie Mummy's Silent Sunday.

Pop over there for more quiet posts. But don't say a word...

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  1. Just popping over on the SS train! There's something slightly eerie about this one - I love it x

  2. Really interesting photo, love how it looks.

  3. Cool photo--looks like a much-loved teddy (if years ago...)

  4. What a cute picture, I love it!

  5. Second Time Mummy - hello! Thanks for your kind comment. I thought it had a slight creepiness about it.

    Jenny - thank you. I snapped it really quickly - the teddy just grabbed me. It looked so folorn.

    Manana Mama - thanks for popping by. I should have rescued it.

    Babygenie - teddies are cute as cute can be. O's room is stuffed with them...

  6. I like it! The sort of shop I would be in like a shot if I didn't have two bull in a china shop kids in tow!

  7. Oh that is nostalgic! Love it :)