Wednesday, 19 January 2011

The Gallery - Mother Nature. The slither...

It's time again for Tara's Gallery.

The theme is Mother Nature and there are a wealth of posts over there with some wonderful photographs. Pop on over there for a glimpse or two...

I've picked this beautiful specimen, who currently resides at Tropical World in Leeds. I imagine he will divide the Gallery gang - not everyone loves a slithery sort...

I have a vivid memory of one particular day at infant school. The teacher told us we were going to have a very special visitor. Imagine the frisson of excitement and dread that ran through the class when it was revealed that the special visitor was a man. A man with a snake!

I can recall the fear I felt as I stood there in the hall with my classmates. The snake was huge and was coiled around his owner, his tongue flickering lazily in and out. We were asked if we wanted to come and touch the snake and most of us said no as we were convinced it would be slimy and cold. I don't remember how the next bit came about, but suddenly I was stood next to the snake man and stroking the warm, dry scales of the beautiful snake and feeling utterly brave, fearless and in love. When I got home, dad got me a book on snake care down from the loft (no idea why he had it). I read this book over and over again. I must have been the only six year old in Yorkshire who knew how to milk a snake for its venom.

Ever since that landmark snake-touching day, I have been fascinated with snakes and can stand for hours watching their slightly sinister eyes and sinuous movements. I had to be physically dragged from the reptile house at Tropical World the last time we were there. I believe that M and O may both have indulged in some epic eye-rolling.


  1. great story, I have touched snakes and tried to get over the fear the bring for me, but I can't get over it. was really interesting to read this post. my friend has just brought her child a pet snake, she researched it and it is the most low maintenance pet - it sends shivers down my spine and it's tiny.

  2. Oooooh i'd like to say i'm a hardcore bird and not a squinny about reptiles but they do freak me out a bit.

    I stayed in the jungle in Asia years ago and saw a few small snakes on the way to the reception at a resort one morning so i told the owner thinking he'd reassure me not to worry. He turned white as a sheet and asked where exactly? Then said i should never go that way again.


    Great picture though love the redness of the tongue.


  3. When I was five my baby brother was born, and my mother was horrified when they sent her polaroids of her little girl with a snake around her neck. Unlike you though, I don't like them! (A Modern Mother)