Friday, 9 July 2010

Mother's pride...

O's coming to the end of Year One. He's had a really good year and I can see the huge changes in my boy since September last year, not least the fact that he suddenly seems to be so much taller and wrestling is definitely much of a challenge.

This boy used to scream and cry if water went in his eyes or ears when I washed his hair. Now he disappears underwater for ages at his swimming lessons and is grinning when he finally emerges. He's even been picking bricks up from the bottom of the pool and finally managed to pluck up the courage to jump in with abandon this week. Such huge strides in such a short time.

He came home tonight with his bag overflowing with school jumpers -three no less, which had been lurking in a sorry heap in his drawer and also an envelope. "Watch out, Mummy, there's a brown envelope of doom in there!" Well, there were two envelopes - one reminder for school dinner money (again) and of course, the end of year report.

I'm not going to fawn or witter on endlessly about this report. All I want to say to O is how proud I am of him and how I'm so delighted to hear that he is enthusiastic and confident - so amazing for a shy mother to hear her boy is confident! *does a little dance*

Just one quote I have to share - "O has shown a very good sense of humour that has got all the adults laughing". That is a pure gold report comment right there and to me sums up my happy and comical little boy.

Well done, O. We're reet chuffed...


  1. Ah he sounds like he has changed so much, but into a right proper little character at the same time!

  2. that's lovely. I hope he keeps his sense of humour and it is always appreciated

  3. Snap! My little boy is also in Year One and seems to have come on in leaps and bounds over the past few months. He is so excited to be going into Year Two in September.