Sunday, 21 February 2010


O is gurning. This is not a new thing. I do have many pictures of him with his face pulled into various unedifying shapes. One noted example looks as if his face is stretched out with a coat hanger.
But this new gurning - this is an advanced, more disturbing phase of hideous face-contortion and is coupled with the need to repeat the following two phrases over and over again in a strange slowed-down monotone:

1. Chicken, chicken, chicken...[repeat to fade]
2. I'm going to smack your bottom until it is red

The second phrase in particular is wildly infuriating when repeated for the twentieth time in a row. There are variations - 'I'm going to smack the television's bottom until it is red' - and so on.

I am praying that the phase is short-lived. It feels like I'm living with a singularly challenging changeling. I am trying to be calm and unruffled, but can feel the irritation rising. The war of attrition is on and I am scoured by the abrasive horror of the gurns. How will it all end? *weeps*

Ah well, school's back tomorrow...


  1. oh no! thank goodness for school eh? ;)

  2. You talk as if need to repeat the phrase "Chicken, chicken, chicken" over and over again in a strange slowed-down monotone is somehow strange or unnatural.

    Heck, I do that all the time. Didn't know there was a word for it.