Saturday, 6 February 2010

Driving through the fog with Jim Morrisson

It's reet foggy here in West Yorkshire tonight - a proper pea-souper, thick and ghostly. Me and O were driving over the hills on the way back from Granny and Grandad's and it was a wee bit scary. We were listening to the 'Best of the Doors', grooving to Roadhouse Blues and trying to follow the white line as we ploughed through the gloom.

O was doing his usual backseat driving - 'accelerate, Mummy, foot down, turn left here, don't forget to indicate, it's 30 miles an hour, straight on...' - and rambling on in that delightful way five year olds have.

O: I like the fog. It's like being in outer space in Cosmic Quantam Ray. I'll be Robbie Shipton and you can be Allison. Turn here.
Me: OK, what shall we do? I am turning.
O: You drive the spaceship and I'll do some backflips like in gymnastics. Jack at gymnastics has got two mummies. That's strange. Can you see the wall? I can.
Me: Well it's unusual, but think how nice it is to have two mummies when having one mummy is fantastic.
O: Yes, you could have more snuggles and more toys. I think it would be nice to have two mummies. But we should keep Daddy as well.

As we drove home through the miasma to the apocolyptic strains of 'The End', I pondered this new familial set-up, but was jerked out of my reverie by the Eureka-like cry from the backseat:

"Maybe Granny could be my other mummy!"

I think M might have something to say about that...


  1. Hello! *waves* I've just come here via our mutual (and mental) friend Laura. I love it. I've just read it all (you're impressed now I can tell) and will be dropping in again soon. I love your easy, breezy writing and your honesty. Back soon! B xx

  2. Oh, hello! Thank you for stopping by and reading it all - and for your lovely comment.It did make me jig about the room for a little bit in happiness. I am glad you visited - I have been over your way a while back but in the days when I didn't dare comment on blogs! I shall return now I am 'out there' and say hello back. M x

  3. This is a fab post, I really enjoyed it! The End is a real moody song to me, reminding me of my teens when I 'rediscovered' the Doors, I can only imagine how atmospheric the scene was. Lovely writing, excellent idea.

  4. Hi Michelloui - thank you for commenting and coming by. Glad to hear you are a Doors fan too. I spent many a teenage hour glooming around in my bedroom to the End with my best friend. And she had the biggest crush on Jim Morrisson going - it was quite bizarre how retro we were at 17!