Sunday, 27 February 2011

Silent Sunday - L O L A - Lola...

Silent Sunday's over at Jay's. Ssssh....

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Silent Sunday


  1. Well thanks a lot...I now have that song stuck in my head!

    Gorgeous cat, by the way! ;)


  2. When I read the title I was expecting a picture of a transvestite. *disappointed*


  3. Karin & Tempest - she is a pretty wee thing, even with one eye missing. And as for the song in your head, Karin, it could be worse! I could have gone for Manilow's Lola :)

    Him up North - you're a wrong 'un. Next time I'll dress her up in chaps...

  4. SAHMlovingit - thank you! She'll be getting her head turned at this rate!

  5. Lovely Cat :) All Fluffy! I am now following you, come and check out my blog :)

  6. Bless! New to your blog, look forward to reading more :)

  7. LOL .... I was expecting a transvestite or something .... ooohh shouldn't have said that as my little one's a lola!

  8. What a great photo. She's a beautiful cat.

  9. awww bless her! Nice to find a new blog :-)

  10. Gorgeous, I have a daughter called Lola, and a cat that looks just like that! x

  11. Great name for a cat! And what a majestic looking feline :)

  12. Whata beautiful kitty! I want to give her a big hug!

  13. Hi Jade - I'll be pooping over. Nice to meet you!

    Mummy Bean - another new face. Lovely to see you here. Thanks for following.

    Claire - how can you say that when your LO is a Lola? So shocking! Might be a transvestite next week though... :D

    Kateab - thank you. She is my pride and joy. I love her to bits :)

    Headhuntress - thank you - I think she knows it as well!

    MostlyYummy - I shall pass on your message to her...

    Carly - so good to see you. Is lovely to meet new people :)

    Manana Mama - her head is going to be so big. Of course, she understands every word I say (well apart from 'get down!')

    Cherry - I know she's mine - but I agree :)

    Hey Muddy - good to see you. I love the idea of daughters called Lola. Although it would be confusing in this house...

    Jenny - she does have a majestic stance - especially when she's seeing off the randy toms who seem to target my poor neutered girl...

    Livi - she would wail like a banshee, but I shall her a very big chin tickle and say it's from the internets!