Wednesday, 22 September 2010

The Gallery - the one she begged me not to post...

Hello! It's Gallery time once again and this time Tara's gone with 'A Smile'. Please do pop over to Tara's Sticky Fingers blog to check out the other entries.

I have loads of pictures of my smiling boy - although these days his smile looks like a broken dry stone wall as he's losing teeth on what seems like a weekly basis. I was so tempted to post one of his grinning chops.

Then I thought of the photo my darling little sister, K, hates with a passion. It is crying out to be posted. It is one from my mum and dad's 25th wedding anniversary party. From the brief, happy time when I was the thinner sister and she was a little chunkier than normal. How we have laughed over this picture...

It is fondly termed 'the Chinese picture' and has gone down in family lore, along with other seminal works:
  • the one where the school photo lady combed K's hair and she looks like she been in a wind tunnel 
  • the one where I have a Jackson 5 perm
  • the one from 1971 where Dad is wearing purple swimming trunks - shudder...
  • the one where we've both been forcibly sat in a tree and I'm smiling through ill-disguised tears
 I have just come off the phone from talking to my lovely little sister and have told her that this is going on the blog. I am sorry to report that she used offensive language which I cannot possibly print in a respectable family blog. I hope you all enjoy her picture and please, do comment freely. I will be happy to share your words with her when she next pops over...


  1. Can you send me Keira's email please? I think she should post the one where you had the jackson perm - all's fair xx

  2. On come on we need ALL those photos. Fantastic!! x

  3. After my sister's photo today I am with K, mean sisters.

  4. I love this photo.. Photo's which are family folklore are the best ones. She looks SOOOOO happy. TeeHee.

  5. The Jackson perm has to feature... It's only fair.